Dreamy Perplexity Finished!

After 4+ weeks of coding, compiling, testing, and finally, wrestling with Apple and Google Play, I am finally ready to announce that the game is finished… or rather, released. This game is a complete rewrite of the previous one. No code was copied over.

Most assets are either drawn by me in Blender, or obtained on the Unreal Marketplace. The icons and image editing were done in GIMP. In order to support mobile and make sure I could focus on coding the core game, I used a plugin for touch screen inputs from the Unreal Marketplace. The font is the only asset that is not from those sources. The font is called Penna, and it is free for commercial use. I modeled, rigged, textured, and animated the characters.

Making the game playable on touchscreen devices wasn’t that hard due to the plugin. In the code, I experimented with some new things, like level streaming, to make loading levels seamless. I also spent time making sure that all of the transitions are smooth. Because I used Unreal Engine 4, making the game wasn’t very challenging.

The trailer was made in iMovie, and the video clips were recorded with OBS Studio on PC. I was too lazy to make a separate trailer for mobile devices.

After the game was finished, I had to jump through a bunch of hoops to get it onto the Google Play store, and even more hoops to get it onto Apple’s App Store. Since I am not of legal age yet, the App Store developer name had to be my parent’s.

Overall, this was a very fun coding and art experience (notice how I didn’t mention getting the app onto the app stores). Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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