Using Dynamic Programming to Calculate Levenshtein Distance in Java

Levenshtein distance is a metric for the distance between two strings. It is defined by three different types of edits: substitution, insertion, and deletion. The Levenshtein distance between two strings is the minimum number of edits to get from one string to the other. Read more


Recursive Memoization Knapsack in Java

The Knapsack problem is a Dynamic Programming problem. We have to maximize the total value of the items, while making sure the total weight of the items is lower than a specific value. There are two variations to this problem:

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Simple Zoom In/Out

This is a basic Unreal Engine 4 guide on how to zoom in when you hold the button and zoom out when you release the button. This is useful when making binoculars or telescopes that the player can see through. Includes adding post process effects after zooming in and resetting it after zooming out. Read more