Dreamy Perplexity Finished!

After 4+ weeks of coding, compiling, testing, and finally, wrestling with Apple and Google Play, I am finally ready to announce that the game is finished… or rather, released. This game is a complete rewrite of the previous one. No code was copied over. Read more


Dreamy Perplexity

Dreamy Perplexity is a game based on controlling two characters to solve challenging puzzles. The ultimate goal is to reach the end of each level. The game is set in a floating dream world, where falling out will cause the level to restart. Read more

Simple Zoom In/Out

This is a basic Unreal Engine 4 guide on how to zoom in when you hold the button and zoom out when you release the button. This is useful when making binoculars or telescopes that the player can see through. Includes adding post process effects after zooming in and resetting it after zooming out. Read more

Two Bot’s Journey

Two Bot’s Journey is a platformer/puzzle game set in a vast sky of airborne rocks where you control two robots at once to reach the ending green diamond. Challenging jumps will test your mouse and keyboard skills, and puzzles will encourage you to think outside the box.

Read more