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Hello! Thank you for checking out my blog/website! I write about my projects, experiences, and other things I do that are related to programming! Scroll down to check out recent posts, or use the menu to sort by categories and tags.

You can take a look at my GitHub repos here.

Highlighted Cool Projects:

A cool project I’ve worked on over summer 2017 was a Bioinformatics tool for preprecessing sequenced DNA, available here (blog post).

I made my own programming language and interpreter that supports recursive functions, classes, and other good stuff, available here (blog post).

I also made my own artificial neural network library in Java that supports fully connected, convolutional, and GRU recurrent layers. I have trained it for handwritten digit recognition and text generation, and it is available here (blog post for libraryblog post for handwritten digit recognition, blog post for new version).

If you want to check out my other “artistic” site that I made for fun, you can go here (blog post).


My Java Machine Learning Library and Other Source Codes are Now on GitHub!

My Java machine learning library is now on GitHub. It contains a basic neural network that can be trained using backpropagation and gradient descent (Adam, Adagrad, or SGD). Continue reading “My Java Machine Learning Library and Other Source Codes are Now on GitHub!”