Maze Solver

2D maze solver written in Java. Has a Swing GUI and it contains eight methods for solving mazes: BFS, DFS, Best-First BFS, Dijkstra’s, Bellman-Ford, Floyd-Warshall, A*, and simulate hand on right wall.

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Dreamy Perplexity

Dreamy Perplexity is a game based on controlling two characters to solve challenging puzzles. The ultimate goal is to reach the end of each level. The game is set in a floating dream world, where falling out will cause the level to restart.

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Fall Scene

This is my first scene in Unreal Engine 4. I used foliage, leaves, trees, rock, and water from the Unreal Marketplace. On the left there is a waterfall, and on the right, there is a forest trail.

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Two Bot’s Journey

Two Bot’s Journey is a platformer/puzzle game set in a vast sky of airborne rocks where you control two robots at once to reach the ending green diamond. Challenging jumps will test your mouse and keyboard skills, and puzzles will encourage you to think outside the box.

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