Java Machine Learning Library: Conv Nets, GRU Recurrent Nets, and Text Generation

For the past few weeks (in addition to the school grind), I’ve been improving my Java Machine Learning library. After a few weeks of learning from online blog posts and papers, I have completed an overhaul of the existing code and I’ve added support for convolutional layers and GRU recurrent layers.

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Java Interpreter for reCall, a Programming Language

Around 2-3 weeks ago, I decided to create my own programming language and to write an interpreter for it in Java. Now, after fixing many bugs, the interpreter and the language documentation is finally finished. The whole project, called reCall, is available here, on GitHub. The whole experience was very interesting because I looked at many other programming language (even esoteric ones) and examined their syntax. Continue reading “Java Interpreter for reCall, a Programming Language”

Cool Demo Website

I got inspired to design my own website and brush up on some HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The last time I touched actual web design was so long ago. I created a website that is based on flowers and stuff because I could not come up with another idea. You can check it out here. There are some details about the development on the site if you are interested. I’m kind of proud of how it turned out, even though I didn’t really perfect it and I probably won’t in the future.

Anyways, thanks for reading this short post!