New Game: Dreamy Perplexity

It has been a while since I’ve updated this website. I have been busy with coding this new game in Unreal Engine 4 for the last 3-4 weeks. This game, called Dreamy Perplexity, is similar to my last game, Two Bot’s Journey. However, I am going to support mobile platforms, like Android and IOS, along with Windows platforms. The game is about controlling two characters to solve challenging puzzles and reach the end. It will be set in a floating world, similar to my previous game. However, the art style and the code are drastically different in this game than in the last game.

I implemented the level changing using level streaming, to provide a seamless change in levels. The GUI transitions and ingame transitions are all smoothed out and everything is more polished. As of writing this post, I am working to update my Twitter and Youtube. The Windows version of this game is already on, but I want to wait until the Android and IOS versions are ready before launching.

I can’t wait until launch 😀


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